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In addition to writing some of the best-selling self-help books of the last 50 years, Vernon Howard gave hundreds of teaching talks to study groups comprised of people looking for simple, yet profound solutions to the turmoil of daily life. These talks are astonishing in their clarity, filled with easy-to-understand metaphors and lessons that have an immediate - and also lasting - effect on your mind and emotions.

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Listening to Vernon Howard speak on topics of esoteric psychology has a curious effect - it makes so much sense! While listening to any of these 300-plus talks, you will feel calmer, more sure of yourself - and increasingly, wiser, and more capable of living your life exactly the way you want to - because Vernon Howard's wisdom is making its way, slowly but surely, into the part of your consciousness where you can accept these Truths and begin living them, easily and naturally. Some of the topics included in this amazing collection include:

  • The True Delight Of New Insight
  • The True Meaning Of Forgiveness
  • The Truth Is On Your Side
  • The Unpopular But Healing Facts
  • The Value Of Ending Useless Thoughts
  • The Value Of Self-Reliance
  • The Way Out Is Known
  • The Way To End Self-Defeating Behavior
  • Journey To A New World
  • Keys To Self-Transformation
  • Lasting Relief From Burdensome Duties
  • Learn To Hear The True Music
  • Let A Higher Spirit Guide
  • You Let Esoteric Truths Work For You

Here's What Students Of Vernon Howard's Teachings Have To Say:

When I hear Vernon Howard, I feel the immense power of the universe behind his words.

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy

Vernon Howard was always and forever, living proof that there is something else.

Regina Nelson
Regina Nelson

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